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Prof. Dr. Baktır, the CIU Academic said there is a Transition towards Dwarf Fruit Production in Cyprus

Prof.Dr.İbrahim Baktır, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, Cyprus International University (CIU) said there is a transition towards dwarf fruit production because it is easy to plant, take care of, process and harvest and said "The best example of this is olive production."

Prof. Dr. Baktır gave a lecture on "New Developments in Agriculture and Greenhouse “at the event organized by the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, Cyprus International University and Lefke European University for the 172th anniversary of the teaching of agriculture.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır said new developments have been accelerated because of the development of communication and transportation network and more importantly, the introduction of new technologies in the industrial and agriculture sectors at the event organized at the Turkish Cypriot Engineers and Architects Chamber Meeting Room and he added that "Breeding studies, including Turkey, have gained momentum in all developed countries." Prof. Dr. Baktır gave information about the breeding studies, which were done with crowded teams and modern methods and he said "Acceleration of breeding work; means quality, productive and disease-resistant varieties at the market."

Prof. Dr. Baktır emphasized the importance of sustainable and organic agriculture nowadays and he explained that new systems have been developed for economic use of water all over the world. Prof. Dr. Baktır, The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, CIU emphasized that the greenhouse has become an important industry branch today.

Last updated: 11-04-2018