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"Principles of Control Engineering in Tissue Renewal" was discussed

A seminar was organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Cyprus International University (CIU) on "Principles of Control Engineering in Tissue Renewal".

Dr. Gentian Buzi, a Lecturer from Fredonia State University of New York, who was a speaker at the seminar held, explained the underlying principles of experimental observations made in many theoretical and applied fields such as medicine and biotechnology which have of great importance nowadays. Dr. Buzi explained and gave examples of the purpose and functioning of the control engineering tools for the students.

Dr. Gentian Buzi gave information about Control Engineering and he mentioned that it is a discipline that allows all industrial production systems to work in the desired way by directing them to the desired state with control algorithms. Dr. Buzi also provided information to students on research in areas on automation, robotics, cell and tissue renewal.

Dr. Gentian Buzi, a Lecturer from Fredonia State University of New York pointed out that the cell continuity feedback control mechanism plays a crucial role in tissue, organ growth and regeneration in some cases.

Buzi stated the basic principles of control theory and their use for tissue and organ regeneration at the event organized for Computer Engineering Department, and Bioengineering Program students.

Last updated: 21-06-2018