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Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation organised physiotherapy sessions and a film preview event.

At an event organised by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Lecturers Münevver Özakalın, Özge Özalp and Batuhan Dericioğlu joined as speakers.

Lecturer Münevver Özakalın stated that the activity was carried out to introduce the profession more closely to the newly registered Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department students and to present questions and opinions about the profession to the existing students. Özakalın mentioned that there is a staff with a very valuable academic career in the faculty and that they were preparing film screenings to support students' to develop sensitivity towards the profession.

The lecturer Özakalın told that the movie called "Are we ready?" was showen which is a movie about the fight against life of a disabiled person. Münevver Özakalın emphasized that it is aimed to raise awareness about the profession, establish relations with disabled individuals and increase students’ sensitivity. Özakalın also said that as it can be understood from the purpose of the film, they are a group of professionals working closely with people with disabilities as the physiotherapy professionals.

Özakalın underlined that physiotherapy is a profession that has emphaty in it and emphasized the importance of mutual communication with patients. Lecturer Münevver Özakalın, saying that life of the handicapped people are different and that the film has been chosen to reflect this.

Lecturer Batuhan Dericioğlu, who hold the floor, during this activity,  transferrred that this activity aims to inform students that they had sought to shed light on questions about their profession in the form of questions and answers, and to combine existing students with newly enrolled students. Emphasizing the importance of empathy in terms of profession, Dericioğlu emphasized that physiotherapists' communication with the patient should be strong and reliable.

Finally, Lecturer Özge Özalp pointed out that disabled people live together with physiotherapists and that this can be strengthened by empathy. For the movie, Özalp said "It is very important as it shows what kind of physical and emotional situation they are in." Özalp also listed in detail how the patients would support them in their life struggle. Özalp also stated that while focusing on the life of an individual with disabilities in the film, he has provided us with a variety of ways to look at life. Lecturer Özge Özalp expressed that the cross sections and details we could see in life would be useful in explaining the details in an enlightening way in the film and in approaching the profession more sensitively to the students.

The event organized by the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Cyprus International University (CIU) ended with photo shoots.


Last updated: 11-10-2017