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“A Pharmacy Day” was celebrated at CIU

At the event organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Cyprus International University (CIU), the 180th anniversary of pharmacy was celebrated. 

Prof. Dr. Günay Sarıyar, Dean of the CIU Faculty of Pharmacy, provided information about the faculty at the opening of the event and the program that has a multidisciplinary understanding of education. 

Prof. Dr. Sarıyar said the Faculty of Pharmacy is growing. She stated that they will give their first graduates next year in the field of Pharmacognosy at the Masters Level, which opened last year.

Sarıyar also stated that they have opened a Ph.D. program in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The language of instruction is English, and national and international students can register for the program in autumn 2019.

Prof. Dr. Sarıyar mentioned that they give importance to having a strong cooperation with national and international pharmacy associations as a faculty. Only the CIU Union of Pharmacy Students (CIUPSA) has been given the right to vote in parliament by the European Union of Pharmacist Students (EPSA).

Last updated: 08-06-2019