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A panel on “Psychology, Discrimination and Heteronormativity” was organized within Cyprus International University (CIU) Arts and Sciences Faculty Psychology Club.

Prof. Dr. Melek Göregenli, Dr. Umut Şah, research assisstant Mehmet Karasu and CIU Psychology Club counselor Gözde Kral Uçar attended to the panel, which took place at Çevik Uraz Conference Building, as speakers.

The Head of Psychology Club, İbrahim Halil Koyuncu made the opening speech of the panel. Koyuncu said that the activities that had been planned to be organized before the exams were not going to be done due to terrorism that had taken place in Turkey. İbrahim Halil Koyuncu, who expressed his heartfelt desire to end terrorism as the head of Psychology Club, said “I hope that we can live in unity and peace without distinction of religion, language and race”.

Şah: “Heteronormality and Cisnormativity are very common today”

The first speaker of the panel Umut Şah stated that the concept of gender can be divided into 'Biological sex' and 'Gender'. Şah, who recounts that biological sex is a decided state over the reproductive organs, has described gender as a personally self-determined gender and self-determined condition. Umut Şah said that when the biological gender and gender are not compatible with each other this problem is expressed as 'Cisnormativity'. He also said that the concept of heteronormativity indicates that all sexual orientations except heterosexuality are considered abnormal. Shah, noted that the aspects of cisnormativity and heteronormativity have become common points of view all over the world.

Karasu: “Hate crimes appear to be individual but are directed towards the group”

Talking about general distinctions among people, Research Assistant Mehmet Karasu underlined that the ideologies behind these atrocities were almost identical to the attack on Karimcan Durmaz's sex preference, referring to the persecution of Jews, Jingles and homosexuals in Nazi Germany. Karasu, who expressed that he is totally against discriminating people because of the group they belong to, said “ Hate crimes appear to be individual but are directed towards the group”.


Göregenli: “ The mere thing that makes human beings human is their differences”

Inspired by a phrase by Sigmund Fraud, Prof. Dr. Melek Göregenli stated that all the people are bisexual without fusing with a culture which means that a person is not biologically available to be heterosexual or not and that it is the culture who directs people to the preferences in question. Prof. Dr. Göregenli who underlined that ethnic origin, religion, language and racial differences should be present, said "The differences are not bad, the real evil starts by thinking that someone is superior to other people because of their differences, that is, he is superior to the black people because he is white."

Last updated: 09-02-2017