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A panel on "Donald Trump and International Relations"

A panel on "Donald Trump and International Relations" was organized by the International Relations Department of Cyprus International University (CIU) School of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet AKER was the chairman of the panel, which was held at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall.  Assoc. Prof. Dr Ercan GUNDOGAN, Emeritus Prof. Dr. Jim VINCENT, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ozker KOCADAL participated in the conference as a speaker. The opening speech of the panel was delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Dr. Hasret BALCIOGLU. Balcıoglu talked about the former U.S presidents and she reminded that the fisrt president was George WASHINGTON in 1789 and Donal Trump is the 45th president of the U.S.A.  Head  of International Relations Department Assoc. Dr. Ercan Gündoğan evaluated Donald Trump's foreign policy issues in the election process and what sort of foreign policy changes could be made in Trump's presidency, particularly in US-Russia, US-Middle East, US-China relations.  Gündoğan also commented on the possible consequences of Trump's propaganda speeches expressed within the context of US military and economic aid, NATO and European Union relations, nuclear weapons, global environmental problems, the Ukrainian crisis, Brexit, Cuba, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.  


Vincent: Postmodernists take their steps with the principle of “There is no absolute reality.”

While stating  why there is a jury  in the USA system,Emeritus Prof. Jim Vincent said that the jury is elected by referendum to elect the President and Vice President.  Pointing out  the competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in his speech, Vincent said Trump had a postmodern approach. Specifying the definition and characteristics of postmodern approach, Emeritus Prof. Jim Vincent said postmodernists take their steps with the principle of “There is no absolute reality.”

Kocadal: Trump’s approach can be interpreted as a threat to globalisation.

Assist. Prof. Ozker Kocadal,who gave a speech in the panel,talked about the possible problems that may arise  in the lidership of Donald Trump in the terms of liberal world order. Stating that Donald Trump has a preservative economic policy which is named as ”America First”, Assist. Prof. Ozker Kocadal underlined that this policy can be considered as a threat for liberal world trade order and globalisation which is continued until today under the lidership of America.


Aker: Trump deals with the courts because he acts like a boss, not a president.

Session moderator Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aker said that Trump became a president in an unexpected way. Stating that Trump is different from other presidents in the way that he is coming from a busineess world which makes him intermingle the business world with politics, Aker said “Trump deals with the courts because he acts like a boss,not a president”.

The panel named “Donald Trump and International Relations”,which was organized by Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ,ended after the presentation of the plates for the contributions of the instructors.

Last updated: 27-02-2017