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Otilia had gone with the wind at CIU

 “CIU 21st Spring Festival – with the theme of Live, Learn & Share”  organized by the Social Activity Coordinator affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Center, Cyprus International University (CIU) sponsored by Gnctrkcll Cyprus, hosted Otilia Bruma. 

The young and beautiful Romanian singer Otilia Bruma, who became hit at the charts of the world with her song “Bilionera ” received full marks from the CIU students with her friendly attitude. A famous singer Otilia, who spoke in English and Turkish with students, expressed her satisfaction of being in the Northern Cyprus.

Otilia, performed the duet that she did with Serdar Ortaç, one of the most famous singers of Turkey during the concert. CIU was thrilled by her songs from her new album. Hundreds of people attended the concert, which was performed at the CIU Amphitheater. Otilia who became interested in music when she was a child, is known by her Turkish fans with her song “All the Stars”. After her song French kiss, she is known for her songs Russian Dream and On Fire.She has been a professional singer for more than six years. The CIU 21st Spring Festival which was organized to bring people, cultures, art and youth together, will continue until May 11th.

All concerts and events that will be held at the CIU Campus will be open and free to CIU students and the public.

Last updated: 20-05-2019