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Orhan Uludağ, CIU Academic, said "An awareness-raising should be provided on tourism which is the locomotive sector for Cyprus"

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Orhan Uludağ, the Director of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Cyprus International University (CIU) said tourism is the locomotive sector for Cyprus but there is not enough progress in this sector. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ started writing at one of the leading online tourism news site Toursim Today in which there is all kind of topics related to the tourism in Turkey and in the world and said an awareness should be raised about tourism which is a locomotive sector.

Uludağ explained in his first article on "A Look at the TRNC Tourism Season 2017" at Tourism Today news site that the reasons of why the desired developments in the tourism sector could not be achieved and he added tourism consciousness cannot be perceived by all the stakeholders at the same level is at the beginning of these reasons.

Uludağ also emphasized that awareness raising on tourism could be achieved through education and the authorities have the responsibility in the first place. Orhan Uludağ pointed out that we are in a geographical region that politics is changeable and dynamic. He said "It is needed to pass to the improvement process urgently."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uludağ said that the encouragement programs for the island were available and this promotion should be extended not only to the special interest tourism but also to all the tourism branches. Uludağ emphasized that appropriate incentive programs can be done through Turkey and Larnaca as a solution and he added "If we could use Larnaka as an active and efficient destination in the future, I would think that we will contribute to the country’s tourism better."

Uludağ also emphasized that the tourism portfolio of the island wise and the target tourist profile cannot be done clearly and this target portfolio, which is considered as an important element in the action plans and the profile, needs to be created and applied as soon as possible.

Last updated: 11-04-2018