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Organization of Nicosia City Centre Open Spaces and Squares Project Work is in the Last Stages

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevinç Kurt, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture, and the Head of Interior Architecture of Cyprus International University (CIU), gave information about the project work that she leads for the organization of open spaces and squares in Nicosia city centre.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kurt said the purpose of the project was to reorganize the open area in the historic fortifications area, including the reorganization of streets and squares for more frequent and efficient use by the people in the city.

Kurt mentioned that the project started in October 2017, adding that the use of urban open spaces has been worked on in the past and in the way that urban life requires and common user perception.

Kurt pointed out the changes in social life and contemporary requirements of the present day, saying "In order to provide these transformations, new proposals have been made for the use of open spaces in the historical region." Kurt mentioned that works were done especially at Sarayönü Square, Kyrenia Gate, Lokmacı Gate, the Great Inn, and Bandabuliya. She said that they analyzed the formation, perception, and use of these spaces.

Kurt emphasized that they gave importance to both the preservation of local identity and cultural accumulation, and the contemporary sociological transformations and development of the open spaces of the old city centre by strengthening the sense of belonging in society. She further added that the Nicosia master plan was taken as the basis for the project.

Kurt stated that the use of open spaces will be improved within the scope of the project and she said that architectural projects will be carried out for the new formations of open space usage in the historic texture of the Nicosia inner city area to respond to user needs. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevinç Kurt noted that the research project will be completed by October, 2018, and the project proposals will be shared with local government, central government, and urban people.

Last updated: 10-08-2018