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“Onur Akgül Football Tournament” organised by the 1907 UNIFEB CIU Student Club

Onur Akgül Football Tournament was organized by the 1907 UNIFEB CIU Student Club, which is  affilitaed to the Social Activities Coordinatorship of the Student Development and Counseling Center, Cyprus International University (CIU). 

İbrahim Hasan Culha, CIU 1907 UNIFEB Club President, noted that Onur Akgül was a dedicated member of 1907UNIFEB and he said that he lost his life as a result of an accident at a young age. Culha stated that in order to keep the name and memory of Onur Akgül alive, they have organized such organizations with the other 62 organizations that 1907 UNIFEB owns.

Culha said that an astroturf tournament was held in Istanbul every year with the participation of his family and this year with 1907 UNIFEB CIU they held the fourth one. Culha said, this year the “Onur Akgül  Carpet Field Tournament” was held within the friendship framework as it was in the past years.

Tarkan Kayaş, CIU Sport Coordinator and an academic member of the 1907 UNIFEB CIU Student Club, stated that four teams participated in the “Onur Akgül Football Tournament”and he said that the winning team was given a book by the board of directors. Kayaş stated the scores starting from the semi-finals in the tournament as follows:

Semi Final
King Jailson 9-5 Ordinaryus
Alex de Souza 7-8 Black Socks
Black Socks 5-6 King Jailson
3rd Place Match
Alex de Souza 4-8 Ordinaryus

Last updated: 27-11-2018