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Occupational Health and Safety PhD Program Opened at CIU

A Doctorate Program of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), affiliated to the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, was opened at Cyprus International University (CIU).

Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, stated that the only university that provides education in Occupational Health and Safety among the universities in Northern Cyprus is CIU. Gökdoğan said the OHS program aims to contribute to the sector by using limited sources such as capital, machinery, and energy in the most efficient way to ensure safety, operational security, and production security by educating individuals who will be experts in the academic field and contribute to the occupational health and safety literature.

Gökdoğan said they aim to develop students’ basic knowledge about public health and work safety, to train them to do independent research, enable them to examine the scientific point of view in the occupational health field and produce comments and solutions to produce new syntheses by providing the ability to reach the target.

Gökdoğan pointed out the need to train experts in the field in order to coordinate and supervise Occupational Health and Safety practices in workplaces. She said there is a need for academic staff trained in the field.

Last updated: 12-03-2019