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NKL Win the Volleyball Championship Cup Hosted by CIU

The 2018-2019 High School Volleyball Younth (Girl-Boy) semifinal and final matches were hosted by Cyprus International University (CIU). In the final game, Namık Kemal High School (NKL) won the championship in both the boys and girls category.

The matches were organized by the National Days, School Sports and Branch Activities Coordination Department of the TRNC National Education and Culture Ministry and there was fierce competition.

NKL, who played in the category of young girls, defeated Erenköy High School 3-0 and lifted the cup. Also in the young boys category NKL defeated Erenköy High School 3-0 to win the cup. Namık Kemal High School, received their trophies from İlknur Şemi, the Principal of the School.

Tarkan Kayaş, the CIU Arena Sports Co-ordinator said very competitive matches were played at the CIU Arena Sports Complex and he stated that very exciting competitions with the participation of a large audience were held. Kayaş pointed out that the semi-final and final matches took place at the CIU Arena and he said “Guest students from high schools were very pleased with the environment of the Arena’’, and he stated that we are pleased to offer young people our opportunities.

The match ranking was as follows:
Young Girls;
1. NKL
2. Erenköy High School
3. Turkish Maarif College (TMK)

Young Men:
1. NKL 2. Erenköy High School

Last updated: 05-02-2019