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“Nigeria's 58th Independence Day” celebrated with colourful activities at CIU

“Nigeria's 58th Independence Day”, which was organized by the International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU), was celebrated with colourful activities.

The event attracted great attention, with performances of the Nigerian students who participated in the celebrations with their local costumes.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, Rector of CIU, who spoke at the event, emphasized that both academics and students come from many different countries and cultures, explaining that this situation created a multicultural, rich environment within the university. Nadiri pointed out that they are happy that such events are happening, announcing that activities that belong to various students groups will be organized throughout the year, stating that they aim to reflect the cultural diversity of the university.

Prof. Dr. Nadiri said CIU is a large family and he said “We enable the students to interact with each other with these kind of activities. In this way, they have the opportunity to learn the culture, beliefs, and values of their friends.” Prof. Dr. Nadiri remarked that an academic sense of professionalism would not be enough in the globalizing world, therefore, it will be useful for the intellectual development of the students to experience the values of other countries, cultures, and beliefs.

The event was attended by students from many countries, and academic and administrative staff, along with the students from Nigeria. The event ended with cutting the Nigerian flag motif cake at the end of the night.

Last updated: 19-11-2018