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Nigerian Independence Day Celebrations at CIU

Nigeria's 56th Independence Day was celebrated with a lot of exciting activities performed by Nigerian students at Cyprus International University (CIU).



Apart from Nigerian students, many students from other countries, University Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri and Ibrahim Isah, charge d'Affaires at Embassy of Nigeria, Ankara, attended the event which took place in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall.

After the national anthem of Nigeria, the event programme continued with a slide show presenting the Nigerian History. The dress parade exhibiting Nigerian clothes had a great attraction on the event where national songs and dances were performed. 


Nadiri: A big share of the responsibility of becoming real world citizens falls on the universities.

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri took part and expressed his happiness of being together with the students on independence day celebration of Nigeria in Cyprus International University and congratulated all the Nigerian students for the anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri also stated that CIU was an ever growing family made up of incrasing numberof students and stated that the Nigerian students are the second largest group of students, after Turkish students, who are a part of this big family made up of students from over 101 countries. Prof. Dr. Nadiri stated that these kind of events provided an opportunity for students to get to know other cultures more in depth and in the globalized world the big share of the responsibility of transforming human societies to real world citizens falls on the universities.


Last updated: 21-12-2016