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Nida Su Sözal, Who Won a 75% Scholarship in the Recipe Competition “I study and I also cook”, Chooses to Study Audiometry at CIU

Nida Su Sözal, who was second placed in the “I study and I also cook” recipe competition organized in cooperation between Cyprus International University (CIU) and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey, started her education life at CIU.

Sözal, who was second in the main course category in the recipe competition, which was held last year at CIU, preferred the Audiometry Department with the 75% scholarship that she won.

The competition, in which the jury consised of Chef Hazer Amani, who was the producer of the program Chef Cook at Bein Gurme, Can Oba, Chef Cook and the producer of the Can'li Tatlar programme in in CNN Türk, Selim Yeşilpınar, a Chef Cook and Esat Kastambollu, a lecturer of the Gastronomy Department of CIU, had a very large turnout.

Sözal stated that she applied to the competition online with the guidance of her high school teachers. She said she had pleasant moments in the competition and she added that she had never participated in such a big organization. Sözal cooked her own recipe at the competition and she said she was happy that she won the appreciation of the jury members.

Sözal said she will recommend the recipe competition, which will be held every year, to people around her. She stated that it is a great chance for the competitors to not only choose the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department but also choose the other departments they want. Sözal said Cyprus is a quiet, peaceful, and safe country and this situation is very advantageous for the students.

Sözal stated that it is important that CIU supports students with such projects and she said that she is pleased to be in a university that offers a high quality education with valuable academics.

Last updated: 14-02-2019