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“Mental Health Awareness” Event Held at CIU

Within the scope of Mental Health Awareness Week, members of the CIU Pharmacy Student Association (CIUPSA), Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyprus International University (CIU), opened a stand to raise awareness of mental health. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan Çınar, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, stated that they prepared a brochure about bipolar disorder and distributed brochures to students, aiming to inform students about bipolarism. Volkan Çınar said that, along with live music and a guitar accompanied by a remarkable and enjoyable working environment, members of the association, who were wearing white gowns, asked two different questions:  “what makes me happy? ” and “what makes me miserable? ”, with students asked to write sentences to express themselves on cards.

Volkan Çınar said that the aim of the study is to emphasize the importance of mental health to young audiences and raise awareness about battling depression in the person, where the environment plays a significant role. Volkan Çınar said that as a result of an efficient event lasting about two and a half hours, they reached a large audience on campus. Işınsu Akçın, a second year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, stated that she is a member of the Association of Pharmacy Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, adding that she is proud to be part of this important project. Akçin stated that this project, which is affiliated to the European Society of Pharmacy Students (EPSA), is a good opportunity to inform the public about mental health and to raise awareness. She said that the event is a project designed to help people who are in low spirits.

Last updated: 30-10-2018