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A Meaningful Donation from the CIU Theater Club

The students of the CIU Theater Club donated their income from the play “Kaç Baba Kaç” to Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation as part of their social responsibility project.

This meaningful project which was performed by the CIU Theater Club, the Club President and members as well as Gamze Atay, the Director of the Student Development and Counseling Center of CIU. Atay stated that the students of the Theater Club organized a successful organization with their own efforts. Atay congratulated students for this meaningful behavior that aimed to create a social awareness and to increase the awareness of social responsibility.

Ahmet Tokmak, the President of Theater Club, said they aim to inspire students and people of Northern Cyprus with a love of theatre. In addition, they try to be sensitive to domestic and international events. Tokmak stated that they participated in many social events as a club. He said “We put in a lot of effort for this play. As a result, we were very happy to have such nice things happen.”

Safa Olgun Atilgan, the director of the play “Kaç Baba Kaç” stated that they donated their income to the foundation in order to create social awareness and increase their social responsibility awareness. “We were proud to hold this special event for the 20th anniversary of our Theater Club” he said.

Last updated: 15-05-2019