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“Living with Cancer and Innovations in Cancer Research” panel was held in Cyprus International University

A panel was organized in cooperation with Biotechnology Research Center (BRC), Cyprus International University (CIU), Istanbul Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus and the Cancer Research Foundation (CRF) on “Living with Cancer and Innovations in Cancer Research”.

The panel was moderated by Aysu Basri Akter. Presentations were given by: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Camgöz, CRF President and Chief Advisor of BRC on “A New Development in Cancer Information”; Prof. Dr. İsmail Toröz on “Environmental Pollution and Cancer Relationship”; Dr. Gülsen Meral on “Cancer and Nutrition”; and Dr. Ömer Diker on “Frequently Asked Questions in Cancer”.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Camgöz brought attention to the fact that cancer has become a common diseases in modern times. Although new advanced treatments come available every year, many of the drugs have serious side effects. He emphasizes that cancer is a dynamic disease that is not only genetic but it is epigenetic situation, so it is important to have proper nutrition.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Toröz talked about industrializations, urbanization, tourism and agriculture facilities have  an effect on the quality of water resources. In order to prevent water and air pollution, harmful chemicals should be separated from solid waste, as these wastes increase the risk of cancer. There should be healthy inventories of hazardous wastes emerging from industrial plants.  

Dr. Gülsen Meral, who spoke about “Cancer and Nutrition”, said the main goal of eating is to renew tissues to increase resistance to external diseases. For human health, not only nutrition but also environmental factors, sleep, exercise and psychological conditions are important factors.

Dr. Ömer Diker evaluated the stereotyped discourses on cancer, and clarified the misconceptions.  Diker stated that sugar restriction causes weight loss and stress in cancer patients and the patient's health could be adversely affected. Diker said that the use of medical cannabis for regressing cancer was not more than experimental.

Last updated: 19-04-2019