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Linux basic network and system administration training for government employees in CIU

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Linux basic network and system administration training for government employees in CIU

In the Cyprus International University (CIU) Linux network and system administration training for government employees was given by Cyprus International University Center for Continuing Education (CIUCCE).

The Linux Education was conducted by Asst.Prof.Dr Devrim Seral the head of computer engineering department, practiced in the computer lab and daily within the 4-hour program at Çevik Uraz Business School.  The Linux training lasted for a total of 5 days, with 18 employees assigned to different government agencies.

The head of computer engineering department; Devrim Seral explained that the purpose of the training is the linux operating system, the staff with the IT knowledge to use on the servers and Linux system as it will be necessary to provide all the basic information. Seral said he started his adventure on the Linux operating system in 1995 when he was an undergraduate student, after a while he said he developed his knowledge of the Linux operating system. Asst.Prof.Dr Devrim Seral who is doing the system management of Gazi University in Turkey expressed that he has more than 22 years of experience in this field.


Seral, who also provides information about Linux, explained that the operating system was born in 1991 as a hobby project by a student named Linux Trovalds who trained at Helsink, University. Later, Linus distributed the project as open source and free of charge over the internet, Asst.Prof.Dr Devrim Seral pointed out that the Linux system is becoming increasingly popular in this process  and that the system has found itself a lot of space.

“Linux Operating System is a fast, secure and durable system"

Faculty of Engineering lecturer Devrim Seral emphasized that the Linux system works in many places, from wristwatches to smartphones, from tablets to televisions.
Seral indicated that the Linux Operating System is one of the most important systems on the Internet, and Seral also explained why Linux System is the most important system that all of the giants like Google, Facebook and IBM preferred.

     Asst. Prof. Dr. Seral said that "The Linux operating system is a fast, secure and robust system that takes its philosophy from the Unix operating system. So it's really important to have knowledge of the Linux operating system. "

When the demand for Linux Education comes up, it is underlined that they do not hesitate to transfer their experience and knowledge to the staff of the different institutions of the state. The head of the Computer Engineering Department Asst. Prof. Dr. Devrim Seral added that during the training the participants were satisfied with the training and received positive feedback from the participants.


Last updated: 27-02-2017