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Library Opened in Anamur with the cooperation of the CIU ultrAslan-UNI Club

With the cooperation of the ultrAslan-UNI Club, affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator, Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC) of Cyprus International University (CIU), a library was opened in Anamur, Mersin, Turkey.

Representatives of ultrAslan-UNI from Cyprus International University and Mersin University came together to establish a library in Gercebahşiş Sadet Tuna Secondary School in Anamur, in memory of ultrAslan Europe-Austria representative Serkan Erdoğan, who died of leukemia in 2017.

Hasan Orçun Çelik, CIU ultrAslan-UNI Club President, stated that this organization was carried out by the university structure of ultrAslan, a supporter of Galatasaray, and he said that they gave the name of Serkan Erdoğan to the library. Çelik mentioned that books were placed in the library by UltrAslan members and the students and he said there is a corner in the library in which there are pictures and a representation of Serkan Erdogan’s life.

Çelik stated that the library was created with the efforts of all students and supporters and he also added that the new library should be useful for the students.

Last updated: 24-01-2019