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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Lecturer Dr. Ayşen Berberoğlu spoke about the impact of shop windows on consumers at the conference she attented.

 At the 7th International Textile Conference which took place in Tyrant the capital city of Albania          ‘‘ Shop windows impact on consumer attitudes : A study on fashion industry in North Cyprus ’’ titled paper was presented by Ayşen Berberoğlu. She discussed current scientific studies and information, textile and ready made clothing manufacturing technology, fashion design and marketing.

Dr. Berberoğlu indicated the aim of the study which was carried out with  the students who are in an important costumer position for North Cyprus fashion retail industry. The study measured how shop windows affect  the buying behavior of students.

  ‘‘University students are in potential customer group’’


Dr Berberoğlu pointed out that within the scope of the research, the university students are potential customers. She said that they interviewed 75 selected  sample about how often they look at shopwindows , whether the shopwindows give information about the shop image and the consumers who do shopping from there. Information collected  about how they made purchasing decisions, and whether this information is affected by shopwindows.


  ‘‘Women consumers perceive store image more ’’

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Instructor Dr. Ayşen Berberoğlu said research results showed that female consumers are more aware of store image and the other interesting result was the respondents over the age of 34 look at shopwindows more which helps them to perceive the image of the shop and  which lets them to decide whether to enter the shop or not. She said  they met with a remarkable finding at the end of the study which was ‘‘Respondents attitudes towards shopwindows are not related to the amount of monthly spending on fashion ’’.


Last updated: 05-12-2016