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Lecturer from CIU lectured on Solar Energy at the German University of Technology

Prof.Dr.Serkan Abbasoğlu, the Vice Rector of Cyprus International University (CIU) and the Director of Sustainable Energy Research Centre gave a lecture on "Solar Energy" at the German Technology University (GUtech) in Oman for a week.

Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu shared the details about the subject and he said at a course, which was 20 hours a week, in addition to basic topics related to the solar energy, applications especially about photovoltaic systems, thermal solar energy systems and passive solar energy systems were explained.

Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu said that in Oman, which has a lot of sunshine and long sunshine period as in the Northern Cyprus, alternative energy sources are not used enough and he added that the government of Oman has initiation on this issue. Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu stated that studies have been initiated especially to educate specialists and to raise awareness of the society.

Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu pointed out that GUtech, which is one of the leading universities of Oman, pays special attention to this issue and he said "a protocol is signed between GUtech and CIU regarding this issue".

Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu, Kuzey Kıbrıs’taki en büyük Fotovoltaik Güneş Enerjisi kurulumuna sahip olan ve güneş enerjisi çalışmalarında gerek teorik gerekse de uygulama alanlarında lider pozisyonda bulunan UKÜ’den bu tür bir eğitim talep edilmesinin hem Üniversite hem de KKTC için önemli olduğunu kaydetti.

Prof. Dr. Abbasoğlu said that it is important for both the University and the TRNC that a request for this type of training is requested from CIU, which has the largest photovoltaic solar energy installation in the Northern Cyprus and it is a leader in the field of solar energy studies both theoretically and practically.

Serkan Abbasoğlu said he believes that such cooperation is useful for the country's promotion and he said "It is also important in terms of sharing the work done in the TRNC universities with the world".

Last updated: 02-08-2018