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Lawyers' Day was Celebrated with Various Events at CIU

An event was organized by the Faculty of Law, Cyprus International University (CIU) due to a World Advocates' Day.

Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel, The Dean of the Faculty of Law, CIU said that the event was organized to draw attention to the problems faced by lawyers and the importance of the advocacy which is the most important aspect of the rhetoric.

Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel said that he has been in the lawyer profession for many years and he has been experiencing difficulties and he congratulated the day of lawyers who believed in the justice and he gave information for the lawyers of the future about the issues related to being a lawyer.

Prof. Dr. Çetin Arslan, who spoke during the event, said the future and profession expectations of the graduates should be met and graduates and trainees should be guided in career planning in accordance with their abilities.

A lawyer, Yankı Akif said Cypriot legal system and the Turkish Cypriot legal system that forms a part of it could not be formed as a whole because of the changes that took place on the island.

Akif stated that every government that dominated the island adopted its own law and he added that the Turkish Cypriot legal system was influenced by the laws of these different states during the formation process.

At the end of the activity, Prof. Dr. Abraham Dülger gave a concert with the Kopuz recital and participants had an enjoyable time.

Last updated: 13-04-2018