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CIU Library Club Students Read Books for Elderly People

A visit was made to the Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation Center during the Library Week by Library Directorate and Library Club, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Gülten Sala Lay, CIU Library Manager and Library Club Advisor said the purpose of the visit to elderly people organized within the scope of 54th Library Week was to overcome their sense of loneliness and express their sense of solitude and spiritual support.

Gülten Sala Lay mentioned that the events they organize are not only information or entertainment-oriented but they also pay particular attention to social awareness and awareness raising. During a visit to the Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation Center, students from the Library Club read books and chatted with elderly people.

Gülten Sala Lay, CIU Library Manager and Library Club Advisor referred to the position of the elderly people in the society and said that "It is not possible for a society to be in peace that does not give importance to elderly people, does not own them, does not have the respect and love they need”.

Bekir Can Gök, the Director of the Library Club said they visited Bülent Ecevit Rehabilitation Center within the scope of the activity "You have not forgotten" during the 54th Library Week and they wanted to give spiritual support to the elderly people there and to have a place in their hearts. Bekir Can Gök said "We do these kinds of activities to make people conscious. We are happy to be here and we wish that these awareness raising activities become habitual".

Last updated: 06-04-2018