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“iSpeak & iNspire” Competition Organized within the Scope of the PATRAL Productivity Conference at CIU

Isabel Gambura won the iSpeak & iNspire competition organized under the leadership of PATRAL President, Akinola Babatunde, lecturer in the Department of Energy Systems Engineering at Cyprus International University (CIU).

Babatunde stated that PATRAL is the abbreviation of transforming your lifestyle (Prof. Akinola Transforming Lives) and he said the aim is to help people go from the point at which they are at to the point at which they would like to reach and they aim to contribute to the personal development with seminars, conferences, coaching programs, competitions, and various activities within the scope of PATRAL.

Akinola said that the “iSpeak & iNspire”competition, with the theme of “Links and Bridges” this year, is a talent hunt, stating that the contest was attended by 24 competitors from 4 universities this year. Akinola announced that Isabel Gambura, a Zimbabwian student, was awarded the PATRAL Premier Orator (PPO) award this year. Gambura talked about the competition, saying that she is proud to receive this title and adding that it is very important and encouraging for her student life and for her career to be considered worthy of this title. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zanete Garanti, a Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and jury member in the PPSpeak competition, stated that these kind of activities show students that everything they learn has a value, besides, the competition provides the opportunity to show society what the students have learned. Garanti also advised students to think very well about their education and suggested to them that they constantly improve themselves and not be afraid of taking steps.

Last updated: 23-10-2018