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Gastronomy and Culinary Arts’ lecturer explained the discipline of Gastronomy

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Gastronomy and Culinary Arts’ lecturer explained the discipline of Gastronomy

Cyprus International University, school of Tourism and Hotel Management, department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts’ instructor Barbaros Alta explained ‘Gastronomy Discipline.’

Culture of food was shaped according to environment and the differences between eating and drinking habits.

Barbaros Alta expressed that food was a kind of culture, this culture was shaped according to the environmental factors that a person had and the variety of food that a person experienced while s/he was travelling to another country. He continued that this differences changed in terms of availability of food and attainability in that climate. This situation constituted varieties of eating and drinking culture in different area in the world.

He cited that Food culture was interwined because of many factors. These factors were; for education reason and immigration due to war, limited finincial situation of the people or some illnesses people had.

He expressed that varieties of spices met with varieties of food by the reason of developing technology and the point of view of the people towards food culture different kinds of cooking style.



As a result of this, different texture of food culture was assimilated except from the culture we learnt from our mother and this organism was called Gastronomy

‘For the Gastronomy Disiplinary assignation of culture is not enough’

Alta stated that Culture innovation and diversity opened new doors for the people. These doors enlightened to an inquisitive person and the lifestyle of the people, technology, the pleasure and the taste has been changed accordingly. Besides this, Gastronomy should the leading item that need to establish integrity.

For the gastronomy discipline cultural accumulation is not enough beside this, the combination cooking techniques, equipments the duty and the quality of an expert that are doing the job, and the raw material of the product is needed and it is very important to constitute Gastronomy disciplinary.

‘I believed that we are educating future chefs, masters as a CIU family’

Barbaros Alta described CIU department of Gastronomy as the combination of culture and eating-drinking. He mentioned that they as a department was trying to provide the combination of the culture as much as they could do. They aimed to put posters on all around the campus to raise the awareness of their study in an international area.





Last updated: 30-03-2017