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An Informative Workshop on "Financial Education in America" was organized at CIU

The International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized an informative workshop on "Financial Education in America". Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour, Vice Rector was the speaker at the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour pointed out that the " Finance Education in America", which will be held in New York in  summer, will  last from two to three weeks and  students will have the opportunity to get  the education from professional names,  private sector employees and academics in the field of Finance.

He emphasized that the study to be held under the name of "Financial Education in America", will be beneficial for students of Economic and Administrative Sciences and especially for Finance and Business Administration students.

The number of students who participated in the activity held in the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, CIU was very high.  The workshop was ended after Prof. Dr. Hashemipour answersed students’ questions.

Last updated: 22-03-2018