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Information Workshop Organised by the Electrical and Electonics Engineering Club of CIU

A workshop was organized by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Club of Cyprus International University (CIU) to inform the new students about the department and the club. 

At the event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kuşaf, the Department Head of the Electric-Electronics Department, informed students about the infrastructure services and laboratory facilities provided by the department, as well as about the accreditation of the department.

Kuşaf stated that the club was established to organize seminars, competitions, technical trips and other social activities that would be useful for the electrical-electronic programs in the university. Kuşaf gave preliminary information about the activities to be done by the club during the semester and he pointed out that the students participating in such activities will contribute directly to their personal and professional lives.

Kuşaf stated that the Electrical-Electronics Engineering program was first accredited in 2014 by the Association of Assessment and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK), and he said that the duration of the accreditation will end in 2019, so they are in the process of accreditation renewal. Kuşaf said during the accreditation process, MÜDEK follows a certain number of criteria so they constantly make improvements in order to fulfill the relevant criteria.

Kuşaf pointed out that CIU is constantly renewing itself and they have set up four new laboratories in order to create a high quality and efficient education environment. Kuşaf, in his speech, drew attention to the fact that they had expanded their academic staff.

In the workshop, which involved faculty and departmental academics, they also informed the students about the curriculum and answered questions from the students at the end of the activity.

Last updated: 18-01-2019