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Important explanatIons from Bocce team wIth fIve champIonshIps

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Important explanatIons from Bocce team wIth fIve champIonshIps

Cyprus International University (CIU)  Bocce team captain and, member of the board Sport Federation for Everyone(SFFE) Remzi Öztenekecioğlu, and CIU legal advisers

and bocce men's team player Tamer Sağer  are all about explaining bocce.

Remzi Öztenekecioğlu voicing that bocce sports started in 2003, said that in 2009  the CIU Bocce team was established.Öztenekecioğlu who mentions that CIU has been awarded five league championships, two league thirds, federation cups first and second since 2009, In May 2017, they will start the 9th season. Remzi Öztenekecioğlu, who shares his knowledge that Bocce is an Anatolian sport based on hand-eye co-ordination and strategy, and said that Italians were the last to shape the game. Captain Öztenekecioğlu mentioned that at game; United, doubled and triple competitions were made, and stated that they have a leaguewith 7 teams in Adult Mans and the number would be 8 with new season.

CIU bocce team players with five championship are in European Championship

Remzi Öztenekeceioğlu underlined the fact that the bocce team players represented the TRNC in European champions, participated in the European championship in Italy in October 2016 and voiced that they were European sixths with Halit Çağman. Öztenekecioğlu stated that the CIU bocce team has 2 national athletes and said that "Bocce sports can be done by people of all ages. Bocce may have a chance to enter the Olympics in 2024 if we take into consideration that the interest of this spore increases day by day”. Captain Öztenekecioğlu also added that the CIU bocce team is the only team in the TRNC to have a chance to wear a uniform as a champion five times.

Scholarship for CIU students

CIU law consultant who gives information about the game and bocce men's team player Tamey Sağer said that when the shootings are made, rain and wind can affect the bocce sport and it should be played in a closed area. Sağer said that, "This is where we have an active licensed athlete on the Nicosia side and we need to close the field on the ground that we need to play, and the game will spread to other cities outside of Nicosia. This is an important step in terms of national team and country development. It is necessary for the state to contribute to this sport”. Temay Sağer, referring to the fact that CIU students who plays in Bocce team by taking athletic scholarship last season, provided education scholarships according to the grades of CIU sportsmen and emphasized that interested students who want to take part in the team can apply.

Encouragement of CIU will increase our success

The bocce team captain who expresses the necessity of the Cyprus International University for them and Remzi Öztenekecioğlu who is the member of the board of the Sports Federation For Everyone (SFFE) and the Legal Consultant and the bocce men team player Temay Sağer said, “The fact that the incentive is in this way will further increase our achievement. We are pleased to actively pursue this sport under the CIU roof. We will make it all the way to promote this sport.”

Last updated: 01-02-2017