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The Importance of Reading to Children in Preschool Stressed at CIU

Dr. Hayati Akyol, at the seminar organized by the Department of Social Sciences and Turkish Education, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), said that in developed countries, in terms of literacy, by the time children's primary school education begins, reading activities of between 1500 and 2000 hours were done, Akyol said these children are more advantaged than children who have never read a book.

At the seminar on “Reading, Understanding and Inferencing”, Akyol said parents and teachers have a major role in literacy and he emphasized ways and shapes of finding meaning in texts.

Akyol described the text as a written expression of an idea or experience and he added that inferencing in-text, non-text, and intertextually develops thinking and the alternative perspectives of children.

Akyol added that children should gain the ability to understand what they read by developing skills such as identifying the purpose of the author, establishing a cause-effect relationship, distinguishing the facts, summarizing, understanding idioms and metaphors, finding main ideas, and comprehending reading texts.

Akyol pointed out that finding meaning in text based on a single source can be found in a sentence, a paragraph, or paragraphs, and he said the reader uses high-level cognitive processes such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation while the reader finds meaning in non-text and intertextual.

Last updated: 18-01-2019