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“IEEE HONET” Conference with CIU’s Host has started

IEEE HONET” Conference with CIU’s Host has started

IEEE conference,which has been held for 13th times,has started with CIU’s host.

The conference which takes part in Kyrenia Acapulco Hotel is being held with cooperation of University of North Carolina at Charlotte and State University of New York and the Chambers of Electrics and Electronics Engineering.

Minister of Education Ozdemir Berova,Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun,CIU Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Serkan Abbasoglu,Rector Assistant Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Toycan and SUNY Fredonia University Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ziya Arnavut, International Final University Rector Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Oztoprak joined to the conference which was held with the honorary president CIU Rector Assoc. Dr. Halil Nadiri.

Toycan:It will contribute to the academic recognition of Northern Cyprus

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Toycan,who is the Assistant of Rector and Co-chairman of IEEE HONET 2016,had the opening speech of 13th International IEEE HONET Conference and stated that this conference will contribute to the academic recognition oh Northern Cyprus by having important benefits to academic development.


Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri: CIU places great emphasis on international cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, beginning his speech by stating that it was a pleasure for Cyprus International University to host such a prestigious and important conference, said that the HONET conference would be beneficial in the field of science.

Saying that CIU provides quality education for approximately 15.000 students from 101 different countries, Prof. Dr. Nadiri pointed out that education, research and community services are the three basic missions of universities.  He said that CIU as one of the most important institutions of higher education within the region has the mission to provide education at the international standards. Reminding that attaching great importance to international cooperation as well as increasing the number of students and developing infrastructure, CIU has made International academic cooperation agreements with over 200 universities including the recent agreements, Rector Nadiri thanked all the institutions that contributed to the realization of the conference and said that the conference would make important contributions to the scientific studies in the world.

ATUN: It is important for universities to organize such conferences

Suat Akın, The Minister of Energy and Economy, starting his speech with the catchphrase “discover the potential” cited in the introductory video of CIU, emphasized the importance of organizing such conferences at universities. Giving the recent energy agreement between Turkey and Russia an example, The Minister Atun said that the energy issue globally plays a significant role in the relations between countries.

Berova. We thank CIU for their contributions

The Minister of National Education, Özdemir Berova said that CIU is possessed of the three basic missions ofeducationresearch and community services, which is a requirement for all contemporary universities.  Mr. Berova thanked CIU for hosting such a significant conference.

The 13th International IEEE HONET (High capacity Optical Networks and Emerging / Enabling Technologies) conference will continue at Girne Apaculco Hotel on October 14, 2016.

Last updated: 18-10-2016