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ICOPFE "An International Conference on Perspectives for Future Education" was hosted by CIU

ICOPFE "An International Conference on Perspectives for Future Education" was hosted by the Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Cemal Özyigit, the Minister of National Education of the Northern Cyprus, pointed out that the world has been developing and changing rapidly at his opening speech and he pointed out the importance of following the progress both in education and production. Özyiğit, the Minister stated that it is essential to shape the future in the right way for the production of the country and he stated with the ideas and thoughts, which are proposed, the groundwork to direct the future of education has been prepared.

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri stated that it is important to have human resources that are well-educated, qualified, following technological developments, sensitive to the world problems and be able to think analytically in the developing and changing world and he added that students are prepared for the future considering these necessities. Rector Nadiri expressed his gratitude that the Faculty of Education, one of the most prominent faculties of the CIU, has hosted such an academic event and he said "These studies will shed light on the formation of future education policies".

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tuş, the Dean of the Faculty of Education said at the conference presentations were done and ideas were exchanged related to the general education problems around the world in addition to the ones in Cyprus and Turkey. 

Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman, the Head of the Educational Sciences Department pointed out the importance of how to adapt future technological developments to the classroom environment, how to enrich the education programs and how the education management system should be while these goals are achieved about the future of education.


Last updated: 16-05-2018