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Huriye Koruşan, expert psychologist, explained that it is essential to increase common practices to be a women's voice in all areas

Huriye Koruşan, expert psychologist of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Centre (PCGC), Cyprus International University (CIU) made explanations about March 8th International Labour Women's Day.

Huriye Koruşan said that March 8th is the symbol of the struggle of women for equal rights with men. Koruşan explained that it is a commemorate day for the death of 129 Labours in 1857, that majority of them was women, for the sake of this struggle. She emphasized that it is an important day for our country in terms of raising awareness about women's rights. Koruşan expressed the importance men and women give shoulder to shoulder together who share all the burden of life without having gender, political opinion or lifestyle differences. She emphasized the necessity of equality for every individual without discrimination of sex, human life and lack of prejudice against women.

Huriye Koruşan pointed out that March 8th International Labours' Women's Day is also important in terms of expressing the difficulties women experience. She emphasized that it is a day that aims to change customs that is against women's rights.

Huriye Koruşan, expert psychologist, stated that within the scope of March 8th International Working Women's Day, behaviours involving physical, economic, emotional or sex-based violence towards feminine should not be used. She added that it is a very important day to educate and support women who suffer or at risk of experiencing any of these violence. Koruşan added that it is important that women know their legal rights, especially the right to live, the number of common studies should be increased to be able to resist to all kinds of bullying and women's voices need to be boosted in order to be heard in all areas.

Last updated: 14-03-2018