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Huriye Koruşan, an Expert Psychologist from CIU Explained Ways to Overcome Holiday Return Syndrome

Huriye Koruşan, an expert psychologist of Psychological Counselling and Guidance Centre (PDAREM), Cyprus International University (CIU) reminded that after a long and enjoyable vacation, we may experience difficulty in returning to work and we may have a lack of motivation, so she explained ways to overcome holiday return syndrome.

Huriye Koruşan, an expert psychologist said that holiday return syndrome is a normal concern and she suggested that first a to do list of things should be prepared so that setting priorities can reduce the anxiety that occurs in the person.

Koruşan stated that it is necessary to program the workload, which is accumulated during holiday, by preparing a list with small tasks.

Koruşan stated that in return to work or school, it is useful to think that we have been relaxed and saved energy during holiday and she added that our morale can be kept high in this way.

Koruşan recalled that the most important reason for everyone to love vacation is the time created for himself/herself and she said that we could spare time and rest as well as evaluate the opportunities ahead.

Huriye Koruşan said "For example, if you enjoy meeting your favourite friend and this motivates you, you can continue from where you left by having a coffee break."

Koruşan also stated that the sleeping and eating habits may have changed during the holiday and she said "You should go through your sleeping and eating habits in order to be able to return your daily life faster and to be able to catch up with the things you need to do."

She pointed out that it will be motivating to do pre-deferred programs or activities that are enjoyable in daily life.

Huriye Koruşan, an Expert Psychologist said that it might be useful to make a note of the good memories about the holiday and the activities that were enjoyed doing and all of these can be added to a daily routine.

Last updated: 24-09-2018