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Hilmi Bulunmaz, a Theatre Artist shared his observations with the students from his visit “Cuba Observations: 35 Days in Cuba”

The Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture, Cyprus International University (CIU) organized an event about “Cuba Observations: 35 Days in Cuba”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk, a Faculty Member of CIU said that the island of Cuba has an independent socialist state structure and it had limited links to other countries for a long time and she added that the island is among the countries that travellers will want to visit. Öztürk also pointed out that there are important architectural works from the colonial period and she added that Havana is on the World Cultural Heritage list.

Hilmi Bulunmaz, the theatre actor, pointed out that the activity was organized to introduce the CIU students the culture, the architecture and other life features he experienced with the local people in Cuba.

Hilmi Bulunmaz explained that Cuba, that carries the distinctive traces of Spanish and African origins, has a cultural structure of different periods and mosaic people structure. Bulunmaz shared his impressions of Cuba and cultural data with the students and he added that learning the structure of other cultures was a different experience. Bulunmaz suggested that for a visit like this beside the confidence and courage of the individual, it is essential to be open for changes. He advised for the students to go to Cuba with one of the party wings or a tourism company together with a group of friends.

The event held in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, CIU continued with the question and answer session and the event ended with the presentation of appreciation to Hilmi Bulunmaz by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Öztürk, the Faculty Member of Fine Arts Design and Architecture.

Last updated: 03-04-2018