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Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci visited CIU

Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci, famous film actor and actress, met with students from Cyprus International University (CIU) during the 13th Library Week activities organized in cooperation with Library Directorate and Library Club of CIU.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector of CIU, welcomed Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci in his office before the interview and gave information about the development and future projects of the university.

During the interview with students,  Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci emphasized the importance of reading books, and watching tv series and theater plays.

Hande Soral stated that she was a psychology graduate. She shared with students how she started her career in acting as well as her experiences in acting in plays. Soral explained that they had been working hard to show a good performance in projects. She fondly would bring all her roles to life and would not make any distinction among the roles she acted.

Soral stated that the students should set a goal for themselves saying that, ”Everyone should do the job they want to do and find their own way." She goes on to expressed that it is not enough to be educated about theater or cinema, as you have to be determined.

İsmail Demirci, a famous actor, stated that the market value of projects in theater, cinema and film series sector is important in Turkey nowadays. Art is a field that is constantly evolving and renovating. Demirci, who shared his experiences with students from CIU, also mentioned that he believes that the players should have good analysis and observation ability.

During his speech, İsmail Demirci pointed out the importance of theater and reading books along with acting. Books help develop the human mind in many ways. Novels develop peoples imagination and poetry nourishes the human soul. 
He concludes his talk saying,  “At the same time, a person who reads, is good at using language properly.”

Last updated: 24-04-2019