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Halloween celebrated at CIU with Colourful Images

A Halloween Party, which was organised by the Coordination of Student Clubs under the Student Development and Counselling Center (SDCC), created colourful images.

The event organized at the CIU Student Center was designed to bring students from different cultures together for entertainment and to encourage social cohesion.

The creative make-up of the students who participated in the event in accordance with the Halloween concept attracted great attention.

The students who participated used Halloween-themed make-up provided by the Social Activities Coordinatorship. 

The students had a pleasant time with DJ performances and dance performances at the event where Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector of the University, was also present. 

Gamze Atay, the Director of the SDCC pointed out that there are more than 18 thousand students from 109 different countries at the university and she said “organizing the celebrations in the context of international students’ own culture, we harmonise them together and our students experience a sense of being at home.” Atay also stated that they prioritize such events to enable students to integrate at CIU and help develop their social environment.

Last updated: 11-12-2018