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Hair Care and Beauty Services Department, CIU said Hello to New Academic Year with New Practice Studios

Hair Care and Beauty Services Department, Cyprus International University (CIU)  said Hello to New Academic Year with New Practice Studios. The existing studios equipped with the latest technology, where the lessons are practiced in fields such as hair, make-up, skin and body care, hair removal and depilation.

Vali Gjinali, the Head of the Hair Care and Beauty Services Department and Lecturer gave information about the updated studios and emphasized that hair care – hair dressing and make-up applications workshop and skin and body care workshop devices have the latest technological features.

Gjinali explained that there are equipments and klimazon devices in hair care – hair dressing and make - up studios as well as blow-driers, tongs and presses and explained the types and functions of the devices.

Gjinali said all the benches were illuminated where hair and make-up is done with new workshop equipment and hair and the lighting system has made the studios simple, yet stylish and functional.

Gjinali also made sure that all the activities and project works’ photographs were taken, which were done during the year, with the renovated equipment and this  would allow for a more objective evaluation while giving grades to the students. Gjinali noted that photographing of the works is very important and he noted that they created a special photo area (studio) with curtains and lights for this purpose.

Gjinali gave information that there are devices such as skin care set, lymph drainage device, passive gymnastics, thermolysis needle epilation and IPL (International Pasific Laser) at the skin and body care workshop. He added that in addition to these, there is a  high-tech computer and there are skin sterilization devices that can analyze skin and hair.

Last updated: 16-03-2018