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Guidance and Psychological Counselling panel was done in CIU

A panel regulated in Cyprus International University (CIU) on psychological counseling and guidance practices in schools and the historical development and applications of the Cypriot Turkish association Guidance and Psychological Counselling (GPC).

CIU GPC lecturer Asst. Prof.Dr.Gürcan Seçim  moderated the panel which held in Çevik Uraz auditorium. President of Cyprus Turkish GPC association Asst. Prof.Dr Yağmur Çerkez, psychological counselor and vice chairman of Cyprus Turkish GPC association Aysel Çeliktaşlılar, psychological counselor and general secretary of Cyprus Turkish GPC association Seyran Uysal Borucu took part as a speaker.
The opening speech of the panel was made by CIU GPC Club Academic advisor and lecturer Şerife Ozbiler. Ozbiler stated that this event was the first event that they organized this year as a CIU GPC club and said that they were pleased on behalf of CIU because of cooperation with Cyprus Turkish GPC association. Özbiler emphasized that this activity will enable CIU students to get to know the psychological counseling and guidance practices carried out at the schools.
 President of Cyprus Turkish GPC association Asst. Prof.Dr Yağmur Çerkez stated that in 1978 it was established under the leadership of Nejla Oktay and stated the aims of the project; to develop the unity, solidarity and professional solidarity among the people working in the field of GPC and to ensure the development of the GPC in Cyprus and to work to protect the rights of professional members. Referring to the accident that took place in Girne Dağyolu some time ago Asst. Prof.Dr Yağmur Çerkez; In the past few years, we have had a conference about suicide and the rule of law in schools. “After the accident on the mountain road, all the guides in this issue can be transferred to our students who we have sent all our guidebooks in a healthy way”.

Borucu: School guidance services are needed.
Cyprus Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association General Secretary Seyran Borucu expressed that guidance services have improved in comparison to previous years, but are significantly lacking in early childhood. Borucu refered to the importance of guidance services by school, students and parents and she emphasized the need for these services in schools.
Cyprus Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Vice President Aysel Çeliktaşlılar, introduced the guidance service for new students starting to the middle school, they are trying to help the students in such situations but because they did not have guidance services in the early years, they have difficulties in this matter. Çeliktaşlılar, who tells them that the main issues they are focusing on are secondary school students, said that the most important of these is self-care during adolescence.
Assistant Professor Dr. Gürcan Seçim, gave the distinction that the Cyprus International University's Psychological Counseling and Guidance undergraduate program has been developed with added practical courses and she said that “We will continue to develop with expert training”.

Last updated: 09-01-2017