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"Green peace movement" for environmental awareness in CIU

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"Green peace movement" for environmental awareness in CIU


A conference on "green peace movement" was organized by the preschool club in CIU to create environmental awareness.

Head of the Green Peace Movement, Ersin Aytaç, Secretary General Doğan Sahir and Media and Communication Officer Tuğberk Kaya participated in the conference, which was held in Cevik Uraz Conference Hall.



Aytaç: Your life has no price

Green Peace Movement is the first environmental organization established in the TRNC, President Aytaç said, "Our aim as the Green Peace Movement is to create a consciousness of healthy life of the human being without destroying the nature and respect for other living things. Underlining that there is no price for life and that he can not measure any price, Aytaç stated that he was aware of many projects. Ersun Aytac said that with these projects, they have achieved gains in the name of preserving nature, green life and history.


Sahir: We have created the project "Tin Boy" for healthy generations

Green Peace Movement General Secretary Dogan Sahir said that they contributed to the "Tin Children" project in order to get the medical devices and equipment to the children's departments of the hospitals with the income obtained from the collection of aluminum soft drink boxes that accumulate in the nature and create pollution. Describing the process of separation of aluminum boxes to CIU students, Sahir stated that contributing to the project was based on volunteerism and that they grew up with the support of voluntary individuals. General Secretary Dogan Sahir stated that they also received great support from CIU students with  their volunteer work.


Kaya: The goal of the project is to increase social awareness

Green Peace Movement Media and Communication Officer Tuğberk Kaya informed about a different project "Hope tins" about the collection of aluminum cans. Stating that the aim of the project is to raise the social awareness of clean and healthy environmental rights, Kaya said that the collected aluminum cans contributed to the environmental problems of the society and to the recycling.

Last updated: 09-02-2017