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“A Great Cyprus Issue: Being a Woman!” panel was held at CIU

The panel "A Great Cyprus Issue: Being a Woman!" was held on March 8th, International Women's Labour Day, by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The panel was moderated by Lecturer Münevver Özakalın. Presentations were done by: Ayşegül Baybars, Interior Minister, on “Being a Minister as a Woman”; Asst. Prof. Dr. Pervin Yiğit on “Being a Woman in an Academy”; Asst. Prof. Dr. Yetin Arslan on “Being a Woman in the Media”; Ömür Yılmaz, Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) Women's Shelter House Officer on “The First Asylum Process in Cyprus”; and Lecturer Buse Erzeybek on “Being a Woman in Cyprus”. 

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector of CIU, stated during his opening speech that CIU will establish a Research Center for Women's Studies this year. They will carry out scientific studies by examining the role and development of women in society.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Afet Arkut, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, pointed out that women play a large role productivity and labor, but today physical and psychological violence against women continues. Arkut stated that in a society where women don’t have to opportunity to progress, it is not possible to evaluate the society within the framework of the civilization criteria.

Ayşegül Baybars, the Interior Minister, presented anecdotes from her own life saying, “Being a women or struggling to be a woman, in fact, has been an on going issues for a long time. Women’s rights should be a top legal priority and we must see the change in our thoughts, social culture and identity. Then we can realize our own power.” 

Last updated: 02-05-2019