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The "Gestalt Therapy" Event was held at CIU

The "Gestalt Therapy" event was held for the students by the Psychological Counselling and Guidance (PCG) Club affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator of the Student Development and Counselling Centre (SDCC) at Cyprus International University (CIU).

PCG Club academic advisor teaching assistant Şerife Özbiler stated that these events were organized in order to help students to get a better understanding of the theoretical foundations they had seen in the lessons. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to get to know themselves through such activities. They were also been provided an environment for exhibiting an environmental approach.

Future Psychological Counsellor Candidates Gathered at Gestalt Therapy

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sertan Kağan, Lecturer of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, Faculty of Education, Eastern Mediterranean University gave information for the PCG candidates at the Gestalt Therapy conference held at CIU.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sertan Kağan said that Gestalt Therapy is an existentialist and phenomological approach that emphasizes the interaction of individuals with the environment. Assist. Prof. Dr. Sertan Kağan emphasized that the Gestalt approach responds to the treatment of many psychosomatic disorders. He also noted that in Gestalt Therapy work was undertaken to investigate the meaning of the physical disturbances for the person. Lecturer Kağan said that "In addition to our genetic characteristics, our body shape and posture are the result of the fixed gestals we have developed to sustain our existence in the environment we live in".

In addition to the participation of the students from the Faculty of Education, psychological counsellors who work at government schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education also showed interest to the event which was held at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, Cyprus International University. At the end of the event, Prof. Dr. Fatoş Silman, Lecturer of the Faculty of Education, CIU presented a certificate of appreciation to the speaker, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sertan Kağan.

Last updated: 25-12-2017