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   A panel on ‘’The Future of Advertising in Cyprus’’ was held by the faculty of communication at Cyprus International University (CIU).

   Effective names of advertising and communication industry participated to the panel which was held in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall. Özdemir Tokel, who is the director of advertising agency and a creative director, has the duty of management Image Political Counseling companies and www.haberkktc.com news portal, Havadis Newspaper advertising director Derya Atamer and Mehmet Ekin Vaiz,who is also a lawyer, is famous for his social media and humor programs were attended as a speaker in the panel.

ATAMER: ‘’ In 2040 the last press release was predicted.’’

Derya Atamer,who said she is a witness to giving the place of uncontrolled television to the controlled television and today’s high-tech televisions, said that she observed the changes in advertising. Atamer added that, today, newspaper advertising is replaced by billboard, television and magazine advertisements and ‘’ In 2040 the last press release was predicted with the researches. So the roles of communication tools such as newspapers, radio, television and billboards in the field of communication will change later.’’ Derya Atamer,who emphasized the interest on newspapers reduced depending on the huge interest on the internet and television broadcasting of news, said that the newspaper advertising is in the extinction process.

Vaiz: The basic rule of advertising is to attract attention to the target kit

   Mehmet Ekin Vaiz said that the basic rule of advertising is to design advertisements that can attract the interest of the target audience, emphasizing the importance of the interest of the target audience in advertising. Vaiz says, "If the story of an advertisement is strong and it attracts attention to its target audience, it means that the ad has reached people. The people of Cyprus are using social media and electronic media, and internet news and social media are getting more and more attention. Mehmet Ekin Vaiz, who underlined the importance of the day, said that the day is constantly changing and that advertising and journalism should be done accordingly.

Tokel: Cyprus advertising is influenced by Turkey advertising

   Özdemir Tokel, who stated that advertising is also affected by this process in parallel with the process in which Cypriot is in, stated that the incidents were caused by some groups to withdraw to various fields. Recognizing that political advertising is being done in this way, Tokel said, "By bringing together the advertising of politics, social media and journalism, advertising is making an impact on society." Ödemir Tokel, who said that the element affecting the advertising in the country is related to the publication of the consumed products in the Turkish channels, said that advertising was put ahead of the advertisement of the country with the publication of the products made in Cyprus channels. Communication specialist and advertiser Özdemir Tokel emphasized that country advertising could also make progress by making TRNC-specific advertisements in TRNC channels. At the end of the Panel on the Future of Advertising in Cyprus, Professor Doctor Hikmet Seçim, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication, presented a thank-you document to the speaker.


Last updated: 20-01-2017