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The fourth "Career Promotion and Career Days" have started at CIU

The fourth “Career Promotion and Career Days" organized by TRNC Promotion Office of the Cyprus International University (CIU) have started.

On the first day of the event senior high school students from Erenköy High School, Bekirpaşa High School, Cumhuriyet High School, İskele Commercial High School, Gazimağusa Commercial High School, Dr. Fazıl Küçük Industrial Vocational High School, Sedat Simavi Industrial Vocational High School, Namık Kemal High School, Haspolat Vocational High School and Turkish Maarif College were hosted with their counselling teachers.

Students, who had the opportunity to examine the indoor and outdoor areas on the spot, got detailed information from the lecturers who were experts in their fields about the departments they think to choose to study, in the booths which were formed in the CIU Arena.

In the scope of Career Promotion and Career Days, a dance show was done by the CIU Dance Club affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator within the Student Development and Counselling Centre and a show was performed by RTV Club and a music concert was performed by Music Club. During the event, in order to encourage high school students to university education, students took souvenir photographs with gowns and caps that had “CIU 2022 Graduates” logo.

Sıla Akgün from Bekir Paşa High School stated that she is also a sportsperson and she added that "I am particularly interested in the Arena for being an athlete. I am interested in studying Architecture. I believe that my career opportunities will increase with the double major opportunities offered to students by CIU".

Hüseyin Karğa from Haspolat Vocational High School emphasized the importance of the new intelligent building in terms of producing its own energy and he added "It is a structure that is ecologically beneficial to the nature". Hüseyin Karğa added that he is interested in Management-Information Systems and he mentioned that he was given detailed information about the department and was very impressed by the university.

Last updated: 08-03-2018