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“First Unobstructed Child Feast” was organized at CIU

“First Unobstructed Child Feast” was organized at Cyprus International University (CIU) by Special Education Club.

The event was held in the Students Centre and Algım Special Education Centre, Nicosia Special Education and Job Training Centre, and Şehit Tuncer Primary School attended the event. Apart from face painting and drawing pictures activities, CIU students and Special Education Center students also danced with clowns and sang songs. Students were given some offers and presents and they had a great day.


Akün: We would like this event to become a tradition   

Birke Akün, the director of Special Education Club which organized the “First Unobstructed Child Feast”, said that they were proud of organizing such a meaningful event. Akün stated that the main goal to make the children happy and said “We would like this event to become a tradition”.


Bostancı: It will contribute our career

Harise Bostancı, Education Faculty student and one of the board members of Special education Club, emphasized that spending time with children and making them happy is very important. Bostancı said “this event will contribute our career and this organization must be repeated every year”.


Last updated: 18-07-2016