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Finalists of the CIU Recipe Competition “I Study, I Also Cook” were selected

The finalists of the education scholarship award at the 2nd recipe competition were selected. The theme of the competition was  “I Study, I Also Cook”, was approved by the Republic of Turkey and TRNC Ministry of National Education and hosted by Cyprus International University (CIU).  


The Cyprus finalists of the competition, which was organized by CIU, were identified through the referendum held on social media among the candidates applied and participated in two categories, main course and desserts.

The jury members of the “I Study, I Also Cook” recipe competition, which will be broadcast live on YouTube, will be: Esat Kastambollu, lecturer chef from CIU Gastronomy and Kitchen Department; Can Oba, programme presenter of “Can’lı Tatlar” program on CNN Türk Channel; Hazer Amani, “The Most Creative” prize winner and a jury member of TV8 Masterchef Programme; and Selim Yeşilpınar, the Chef of the Bellapais Gardens Restaurant.

The Cyprus Final, which will be held on April 16, at the CIU Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department kitchen and the award ceremony, will be held at Çevik Uraz Center Conference Hall.

Students, who are winners of the competition, will be able to enroll in any program (except Law, Pharmacy and Medicine) from the programs listed in the ÖSYS Quota Guide, where they will choose and settle from the paid program quota. 

Education deduction will be provided during the normal training period for the first winner of each category 100%, for the second 75%, for the third 50% and 25% for the semi-finalists.

According to the information provided by the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Directorate, “I Study, I Also Cook” competition will be open to public.

Finalists in the Main Course Category:

Arzu Mine BAKIR – Tokat
Anıl SERT – Kütahya
Rümeysa SOHUM – Samsun
Eray EREN – Bolu
Elif TORLAK – Kırıkkale
Sena AKPARA – Eskişehir
Ayşe BUZAK – Mersin
Melek SEVİLGEN – Mersin

Finalists in Sweet/Cake/Cookie Category:

Kazım ÇAMKERTEN – Giresun
Semih TAYGAR – Tokat
Neslican KÖKSALAN – Adana
Hatice Pınar ŞEKER – Kütahya
Ekin Arda KARAKUL – Antalya
Ayşe BUZAK – Mersin
Melek SEVİLGEN – Mersin
Hümeysa YILMAZ – Adana

Reserved Finalists in the Main Course Category:

Yusuf UÇAR – Kastamonu
Ceyda KOÇ – İstanbul (Asya)
Meryem ERSOY – Tokat

Reserved Finalists in Sweet/Cake/Cookie Category:

Binnur ŞİMŞEK – Tokat
Umut CANBAK – Ankara
Damla Nur ÇOKGÖKMEN – Manisa


Last updated: 20-05-2019