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Fifth Professional Promotion and Career Days start at CIU

Professional Promotion and Career Days was organized by the TRNC Promotion Office for the fifth time this year

Erenköy High School, Cumhuriyet High School, İskele Commercial High School, Famagusta Trade High School, Dr. Fazıl Küçük Industrial Vocational High School, Değirmenlik High School, Namık Kemal High School and Cengiz Topel High School students visited CIU with their counselors on the first day of the event.

Guest students had the opportunity to examine faculties on-site, while they also received information about the library, computer center, radio-television studios, news agency and laboratories. Student clubs such as Bioengineering Club, Theater Club, Diving Club, Electronic Sports Club, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club, Psychology Club and Library Club explained their clubs to the high school students. A 15-minute sketch show was performed by the CIU Theater Club and a concert by the Music Club. International Center organized a fashion show with foreign students in their traditional outfits.

High school senior students got information based on their future interests from academic units at stands in the CIU Arena, which is the first integrated sports complex of TRNC. Students who had the chance to visit the CIU Arena, also received information about sports activities there.

High school students took souvenir photos with their caps and gowns in front of the bulletin board with the logo of “CIU 2023 Graduates”.

Münir Fındık, a high school senior from Değirmenlik High School, who is interested in the Radio and Television Department, stated that the university facilities are impressive. Fındık said he wants to study at CIU because he was intrigued by the double major and minor opportunities. 

Bahar Öncelsoy, a psychological counselor and guidance teacher of Değirmenlik High School, pointed out that the new Science and Technology Center is an ecologically responsible building because it produces its own energy from solar power. Öncelsoy stated, “The university is attractive because it offers many technological opportunities such as the Finance laboratory. If I were a student, I would prefer CIU among other Northern Cyprus universities.”

Last updated: 15-04-2019