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Famous Nigerian Artist Sinach Meets Students from CIU

The International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a mentoring seminar for students to realize their dreams in terms of their personal development.

Prof. Dr. Nadiri stated that among the universities in Northern Cyprus, Nigerian famous artist Sinach was first welcomed by CIU and they were very pleased. Nadiri pointed out that there is an international environment in CIU and most of the Nigerian students choose CIU among the universities in Northern Cyprus to study.

Nadiri also mentioned that he had the chance to listen to the famous artist's songs due to the diversity of the culture at the university and he also congratulated the artist for having a successful career. Sinach stated that he liked Northern Cyprus very much and he said Cyprus is a holiday island. He said CIU is fully equipped and is of high quality.

Sinach, who came together with the students in the Conference Hall of CIU Çevik Uraz Center, gave motivational messages to the students in terms of personal development and he entertained all the participants and they had pleasant moments with the songs he sang.

Who is Sinach?

Sinach, a Nigerian artist, studied Physics at the University of Port Harcourt. He is a vocalist, singer and songwriter who believes that his aim is to inspire people with his songs. During his career, Sinach has recorded over 200 songs and he has received many awards including “The African Achievers' Award for Global Excellence” and “The Western African Artist of the Year.”

Last updated: 13-03-2019