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Faculty of Pharmacy of CIU expects its Prospective Students in the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Faculty of Pharmacy of Cyprus International University (CIU) expects its prospective students in the 2018-2019 academic year, with new laboratories and classrooms in Science and Technology Centre, which has the most advanced technology in the Northern Cyprus.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan Çınar, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, CIU said the aim of the department is to train pharmacists, who is open to innovations, sensitive to scientific developments, cultured, equipped, researcher, interrogator, have strong international relations and productive. He stated that the department is approved by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK).

Çınar mentioned that the Faculty is active both academically and socially and it has memberships in various organizations. Çınar said the CIUPSA Student Organization has the only member from the Northern Cyprus with the authority to vote in the decision making process at the European Pharmaceutical Students Association. Assist. Prof. Dr. Çınar added that the national and international recognition of the Faculty is crowned by the accreditation of the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria. Çınar stated that the Faculty of Pharmacy provides an opportunity for its students to graduate from the department with a double diploma in accordance with the agreement made with the University of Rome-Tor Vergata. Çınar said students will have a chance to continue their Pharmacy education internationally in this way and experience a different culture. Assist. Prof. Dr. Çınar said that the Faculty of Pharmacy has gained even a greater momentum by moving to the Science and Technology Building which has a high-level infrastructure. He said the rapid development continues with the opening of the MPharm and PharmD degree programs under the Pharmacy Department. Çınar stated that they started a graduate program in the field of Pharmacognosy in the last semester and he also stated that they are continuing their studies to open a PhD program in the field of Pharmacy Technology.

Last updated: 29-08-2018