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Faculty of Pharmacy, CIU, Granted Right of Registration for the “Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada“ Portal

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Cyprus International University (CIU) has been granted the right to register for the Canadian pharmacy portal “Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada”. Graduates of the universities registered for the portal will be able to upload their diplomas, transcripts, or English proficiency certificates to the portal if they wish to work in Canada and they will become licensed to work in Canada. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan Çınar, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, stated that the studies carried out regarding the inclusion of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the Gateway Canada portal had a positive result and he announced that the name of our university is now registered in the Pharmacists Gateway Canada system. Çınar pointed out that it is a great opportunity for students to be included in the Gateway Canada portal and he said ‘‘In this way, our students who want to study in Canada also have the right to register for Canada's MCQ Board Exam.”

Çınar mentioned the importance of registering for this system in order to be able to work at a pharmacy, hospital, factory, or laboratory in Canada and he said “before our faculty’s name was registered to the Pharmacists" Gateway Canada, none of these were possible." Çınar stated that more detailed information about the subject can be obtained from the web address http://www.pharmacistsgatewaycanada.ca. 

Last updated: 08-01-2019